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Friday, May 9


WHAT ? Mother's day will coming ? Errr babe. Bukan ke everydays kita kena always remmber our mom . eh ? HAHAHA . Statement sakit hati bla bla bla. Kesah bla bla bla .....

Yelahhh ! Selamat hari ibu buat semua ibu ibu in the world err especially my mom madam azizah . Ma i love you so much, sorry for everything what i've done . wuaagghhhh *nangis 2minit . K lolll
madam azizah binti muhamed : thanks because carried me 9 months and giving all to me since born until now 21 years old . Auww so touchhh, ma please read this. I love you forever . Never regret what happened . Sincerely from your daughter auww *blushinggg .Promise ma, akak akan jaga ma selamanya even dah kahwin dengan mok . Eh ? hahahaha . Ahhh sekian lah, nak call ma baiii .

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  1. Huhu bila kawin..? Nnti jempott..